Meet The Team


Marine Team Lead

Jay has been at etpm ensuring the smooth running of all things Marine since day one. He’s also now in his 5th decade of following Aberdeen Football Club, which proves to be very challenging at times!



For all his sins, John has returned to etpm after a few years working elsewhere. Although he’s a great Recruiter, we think Jay really wanted him back so he had someone to talk to about footy!


Recruitment Team Lead

Meghan joined us in July 2017 to keep Jay on his toes in the Marine department. Thankfully she’s a geek when it comes to Marine certification so feel free to test her!


Operations/trainee recruiter

Emily joined etpm in August 2019 and is new to the oil and gas industry. She was previously a dental nurse and loves to lecture us all daily on our dental hygiene and sugar habits! When she’s not at a wedding that is…

Michelle Mcinnes


Starting 2020 off with a bang Michelle joined our team in January. When she’s not busy teaching us the tricks of “OneDrive”, you are most likely to find her on the stage with a large Chardonnay in hand entertaining us with her pitch perfect singing!

Denise Mead


Denise is our very own Superhero, anything is possible when it comes to Excel! When she isn’t fixing all our problems you will likely find her sipping a mug of tea discussing the best TV shows running. But be careful, she has very selective hearing!

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